Apparently I wasn’t the only one nutso over gymnastics in the 90s

I was searching my favorite online booksellers for more Gymnasts books and had I had to share some lulzy finds:

Bratz Gold Medal Gymnasts

The best BPGC (Baby Prostitutes Gymnastics Club) has to offer!  Check out that pink beam.  I’m actually kind of jealous.  I wish my gym had a pink beam.

This was released in 1995, just in time to watch the Mag 7 achieve Olympic glory in ’96. They should’ve waited a year and released Olympic Gymnast Barbie with a detachable ankle cast.

You can’t tell from the cover, but Lizzie takes up gymnastics and is suddenly good enough to be competing, and good enough for some other girl to want to sabotage her.  Is Jessica Wakefield at that meet, too?

These came out in the late 90s, after I’d outgrown YA and started reading shitty fantasy instead.  Probably very snarkable.

I assume this is the novel form of the episode of the same name, guest-starring Kerri Strug.  I unfortunately didn’t catch that one, since it aired while I was at college and I still had shame then, so no way was I watching that in the dorm lounge.

The other day I found a bunch of my old stories and drawings, dating from when I was about 10 to when I was in my early teens.  Talk about a goldmine of snark fodder. During my gymnastics obsession, I wrote (and actually finished–I know, I’m shocked too) a novel about elite gymnasts.  I found my plans for that novel (sadly, the novel itself has been partially lost… I managed to recover several chapters from a floppy disk but idek where the missing ones went) plus my collection of early 90s articles on gymnastics and on my fave gymnasts.  Oh yeah, like it’s any dumber than y’all’s collections of NKOTB, BSB, NSYNC, and Hanson memorobilia.  I wasn’t the one sleeping with a sweaty towel once clutched in the hands of Nick Carter under my pillow, so don’t even.  Anyway, my gymnastics novel started out as an attempt to realistically portray issues that elite gymnasts deal with, but it quickly devolved into a teen soap opera.  So basically it was like Center Stage (the first one, that is… let us deny the second one exists, please) but with gymnastics.  This is going to be fun.

2 thoughts on “Apparently I wasn’t the only one nutso over gymnastics in the 90s

  1. But…but…Bratz dolls can’t do gymnastics. Their gigantic bobbley heads will cause them to fall over every time they try to do a flip or a tumble or…just about anything.

  2. You were not alone! I had a couple of books from Elizabeth Levy’s The Gymnast series that I read to death–they included the requisite underdog, snob, and black girl characters and I like, totally could relate and stuff.

    It was like SVT with tumbling combinations and mullet-wearing coaches. Good stuff.

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