“That was some superhero action, yo!” or Make It or Break It 1×02, “Where’s Marty?”

I actually enjoyed this ep a lot more than the pilot.  The pilot was pretty ridic, but it was more like just unrealistic and OTT.  This ep, however, took everything the pilot did and blew it up to a while new level.  It’s like this amazing, awe-inspiring, clusterfuck of fail that is so epic it’s almost a win.  No, scratch that, it is a win.  I think after a point I just reached some kind of threshold of ridiculosity (actually, I know precisely which point, and you will know it when you see it, too) and from then on, I took it all in stride.  It’s kind of like when you read hardcore Harry Potter squidwarts fics–something in your brain just breaks and after that, no amount of fucked-up shit can faze you anymore. 

Now, lest anyone think that the above paragraph implies I don’t like this show–perish the thought!  You know how much I adore a good train wreck, and this show is above and beyond train wreck by a mile.  We’re talking a disaster of Oceanic 815 proportions here.  Make It or Break It does seem to exist on its own mysterious island with its own unique set of rules and laws of physics. 

But enough of me rambling already.  Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

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“I’m addicted to breakfast biscuits!” or Make It or Break It, “Pilot”

OK, I watched the pilot and it is even more awesome than I had imagined.  It is totally SVH in leotards and I, for one, love it.  Thus, I will be recapping weekly on this blog, at least until school starts up again and I don’t have time for this shit anymore (although I’m sure I’ll still watch).

As usual, cut to for image-heaviness, cussing, and all that good stuff.

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And now for something completely different

OK, I know I’ve been scarce lately, and I’m sorry.  I’ll try to get the rest of Secret Circle written up as soon as possible.  But I just had to interrupt for this little piece of fabulosity I discovered on the web.

So ABC Family is launching a new show about elite gymnasts called Make it or Break it. I declare this show relevant to this blog’s interests, because while it might not technically be cheesy YA, it shares many elements with this genre, as this post will soon elucidate.  Do I even have to tell you how awesome this show is going to be?  “Awesome” meaning “so deliciously snarkable my fingers are tingling just thinking about it.”  Well, guess what.  I found myself a 10-minute preview clip over at ABC Family, and I just had to do it.  So here it is, all 10 minutes recapped in cheesetacular detail, as well as the teaser trailer beforehand.

It’s me, so I’m cutting this for image-heaviness, mild profanity, and budding alcoholism

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