Make It or Break It 1×06: “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” as performed by the cast of Star Trek:Enterprise

Guys, this is the most epic episode yet.  Seriously, if you only watch one ep of this show, make it this one.  So in commemoration of this epic episode, I think it deserves an epic recap.  Props to ihatewheat of the Dairi Burger for inspiring this one with her True Blood/SVH recaps. 

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with Enterprise; unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, I’m sure you have a vague idea of how Star Trek series work.

Previously, on Make It or Break It: Drama surrounds the big mother-daughter fashion show at the Rock.  Creepy Carter continues to string Kaylie along while Lauren propositions him to be fuck buddies.  Kaylie thinks about giving it up to Creepy Carter; awkward dialogue ensues.  Damon ups his game on Emily; it seems to be working.  Summer tearfully confesses to Lauren that she used to be the school bicycle before she found God.  Sasha and Payson’s Mom establish a rapport; Payson learns to embrace her femininity.  Oh yeah, and there’s a fashion show.

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“You Wanna Be On Top, Stacey?” or BSC TV series #3, “Stacey’s Big Break”

I am not apologizing for any (unintentional, at least initially) double entendres in this post title.

Finally, I get to my favorite BSC video!  You all know Stacey’s my fave BSCer, and modeling was another one of my teenage obsessions (along with gymnastics).  This is probably why I love Nastia so much.  She’s like a collision of two teenage obsessions.  I was actually about to make a post about model-centered books/TV episodes (and now I’m dying to get my hands on some of my nostalgic faves) but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  This episode is definitely among those.  This recap’s taken longer than I’d expected–a lot of distractions this week–so hopefully it lives up to the hype.  Enjoy!

Previously, on the Babysitters’ Club: The BSCers are convinced that the Slade house is haunted and that Mrs. Slade is an evil kitten-sacrificing, Satan-worshipping witch.  When Claudia comes to the old lady’s defense, they’re convinced she’s under the thrall of Wicked Witch Slade.  The BSC make asses of themselves trying to rescue Claudia, and we find out Mrs. Slade’s actually a retired vet who’s tutoring Claudia in science.  The BSC make a new friend, who is never seen or heard from again.

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“Let’s really awkwardly talk about sex, baby” or Make It or Break It 1×04, “Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel”

Previously, on Make It or Break It: Creepy Carter makes up with Kaylie after totally boning Lauren, but Lauren, interested in preserving her friendship with sweet Kaylie, doesn’t want her to find out.  The girls experience a bonding moment whilst cleaning mats at the Rock. Sasha propositions Payson’s Mom… to be the new gym manager, you perverts.  Meanwhile, Chloe Kmetko subs for Emily at the Pizza Shack and tells Damon that Emily’s Never Been Kissed.  I am mad that this show keeps reminding me of things I’d rather be watching. \~/

So what’s in store for us this week?  Fun, fashion, and awkward sex talk aplenty!

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I’d like to thank the academy

Just a quick post to thank the sublime Sadako for this fabulous award! I love it!

I also now have a spiffy new blog to follow! Get a Pencil and Your Casebook

Oh, and I might as well announce this now, too–I’ve been thinking it through, and I’ve decided that I can’t recap in the same amount of detail I used to anymore.  These things take a long time, guys!  Longer than you’d expect.  Also, when I took on Make It or Break It, I vastly underestimated the time it would take to recap a weekly series.  As a result, the main reason I opened this blog–YA nostalgia–has been sadly neglected. So I was really left with little choice–downsize the recaps or slowly go insane as this blog took over my life.  I’m going with the former.  But no worries, there’ll still be snark aplenty–just think of it as Snark Concentrate. Great snark, less filling! (Hey, it’s a nostalgia blog, I’m going to make 80s references). I’ll also be experimenting with other recap formats, like the screencap recap in the last BSC post.  Plus I’ll be able to update more often.  Everyone wins!

That said, the new and much shorter Make It or Break It recap is finished and awaiting a proofread from a friend; it should be up soon!  I’m going to fire up Stacey’s Big Break tomorrow.  Also have some classics from a recent book sale, and I swear I will finish The Secret Circle once I find the time and motivation to spelunk around in my closet for it. Damn place is like the Bermuda Triangle of old YA books.  Until next time!

Babysitter’s Club TV Series 1×02: “Dawn and the Haunted House.”

I’ve been wanting to recap this one for a while, but then Make It or Break It happened, and each week my brain would just be too fried to take on another TV show. But I badly need a break from sparkles and dra-ma and bad gymnastics (I’m sure you do, too), so here we go!

This time, I’m going to try something a little different. I shamelessly filched this idea from The Agony Booth, so credit where it’s due. Presenting…

“Dawn and the Haunted House”–a Screencap Recap!

Previously, on The Babysitter’s Club: Mean Girl Marcie and her sidekicks, the “Brunettes,” plotted to steal that hunka burnin’ phonetic-accented love, Logan Bruno, from devoted girlfriend Mary Anne. Mary Anne was ready to bend over and take it, but the BSC weren’t about to let that happen! So they put their heads together and thwarted the brunettes via some snappy comebacks and a conveniently-placed garden hose. Mary Anne and Logan make up, and all is well in BSCland… but for how long?

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“Kissing Boys Makes You Grow Boobies!” or Make It or Break It 1×04, “Sunday, Bloody Sasha Sunday”

Oh, Make It or Break It.  After the ever-so-brief glimpse of good last week, it’s reassuring to see you back to your cheesy, cringeworthy, completely removed from reality self.  If you kept being good, I think my entire equilibrium would be thrown out of whack.  It’s like if Old Faithful stopped erupting or something.

Previously, on Make It or Break It: Sasha Belov comes to the gym and everyone’s going to eat, sleep, breathe gymnastics till Nationals.  You girls will have no life, so none of those boys and sexin’, you hear? Kaylie and Payson have declared war on Evil Lauren, while Emily works her Sue-Fu on yet another unsuspecting victim, a dude named Damon.  Kaylie gets wasted off cheap beer at a party, where Creepy Carter finds her and throws a fit.  Meanwhile, Lauren accuses Summer, her Dad’s Jesus-loving secretary/girlfriend, of being a gold digger.  Since Lauren clearly craves the attention of dodgy men, she gives it up to Creepy Carter and then steals his phone.

That’s right, kids… tonight we’re seeing a Very Special Episode of Make It or Break It.  We’re kickin’ it ’80s style tonight, in what feels like a cross between the original Degrassi Junior High and the Breakfast Club. \~/ \~/

Oh yes, we’ve got a drinking game now.  Check out the rules here.

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“You mean we have to train like normal gymnasts?” or Make it or Break it 1×03 “Blowing Off Steam”

Previously, on Make It Or Break It: Lauren catches her Dad making out with DJ Tanner and flips out.  Emily and Pizza Boy banter about her Secret Life (no relation to the show); meanwhile, she and Kaylie’s brother Leo share a moment of hand porn.  Do I sense a ~luv~ triangle coming on?  Creepy Carter is possessive over Kaylie, who finds it difficult to make time for him with her busy schedule and the whole, you know, no dating thing.  The ‘rents worry over the Rock being coachless and Houston wants Payson.  Kaylie and Lauren catfight over Creepy Carter.

What happens next?  Find out after the jump!

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