Babysitter’s Club TV Series 1×02: “Dawn and the Haunted House.”

I’ve been wanting to recap this one for a while, but then Make It or Break It happened, and each week my brain would just be too fried to take on another TV show. But I badly need a break from sparkles and dra-ma and bad gymnastics (I’m sure you do, too), so here we go!

This time, I’m going to try something a little different. I shamelessly filched this idea from The Agony Booth, so credit where it’s due. Presenting…

“Dawn and the Haunted House”–a Screencap Recap!

Previously, on The Babysitter’s Club: Mean Girl Marcie and her sidekicks, the “Brunettes,” plotted to steal that hunka burnin’ phonetic-accented love, Logan Bruno, from devoted girlfriend Mary Anne. Mary Anne was ready to bend over and take it, but the BSC weren’t about to let that happen! So they put their heads together and thwarted the brunettes via some snappy comebacks and a conveniently-placed garden hose. Mary Anne and Logan make up, and all is well in BSCland… but for how long?

Not knowing if they could trust Mallory alone with a hammer and nails, the BSC members convinced Dawn to come along and chaperone.

It’s always laughter and fun with the BSC!

DAWN: “Like, OMG you guys, get a load of the creepy Slade House!”
KRISTY: “Frankly, Dawn, I’m more concerned by the fact that you’re wearing pants the exact color of Pepto-Bismol.”

“Damn kids! Get off my lawn! OK, you’re technically not on my lawn. But close enough!”

“Hello, Babysitter’s Club… new clients? Who live right next door to that creepy Slade place? Sweet! Hey… money is money!”
Anyone else suspect Kristy and the Ferengi would get along? You gotta admit K-Ron’s got good lobes for business.

MA KISHI: “Look, it’s bad enough you can’t spell for shit, Claudia. But now I hear you’ve flunked your science test! You’d better show third-grade proficiency in at least one subject, or no more BSC!”

“But Mom, that is so globally unfair! I’ll die without the BSC! And the BSC will die without me!! Who else will provide them with all their ju–their phone and meeting place??”

STACEY: “Hmm, this kid looks normal so far… I guess Ms. Slade hasn’t turned our newest clients into newts or toads or anything yet!”
DAWN: “Isn’t she a hoot? Don’t mind her; her brain’s a little fried from too much perm solution.”

DAWN: “OMG Stacey, I think this is the altar where Ms. Slade casts evil spells whilst drinking pig’s blood and disemboweling kittens!”
STACEY: “Shut up, Dawn! You’ll scare the baby! Oh, and I’m totally going to get you back for that fried brain crack.”

DAWN: “Jeez, Stace, you can’t even take a joke?
STACEY: “You want to save it for when we’re not lurking around the woods with little kids, spying on some crazy old witch lady? We already found her altar! And the plastic ball of doom! And some poor sick dog! I don’t know what all these things have to do with each other but this is messed-up!”

DAWN: “Heathus, Stacey! Just chill ou–OMG! What is that??
STACEY: “It’s her! I bet it’s like… some ancient voodoo chant or something! Let’s get out of here!”
DAWN: “Kristy will be so pissed if we get turned into amphibians! It’ll ruin club business!”

STACEY: “I just love hardware stores! So many cute guys trying to play handyman, until they inevitably bungle it and their wives get pissed… and that’s where I come in!”
DAWN: “Stacey, I love you and all, but you really need a new hobby.”
STACEY: “And you need to quit wearing pajamas in public. Really, Dawn, there’s such a thing as taking California casual a bit too far.”

DAWN: “O snap, it’s Ms Slade! Buying all this weird shit for her next devil-worshipping ritual!”
STACEY: “I know, right? Plus, have you seen that outfit? Not even Claudia could pull that off!”

JESSI: “I had no idea our show was so scary!”
KRISTY: “Do I really look that dumb in my visor and director’s chair?”

“So yesterday, Dawn and I found the only thing more terrifying than my hair… Ms. Slade’s evil altar and plastic ball of DOOM!”

“OMG, you guys. Ms. Slade’s just a harmless old lady! Dawn was right about you, Stacey… all that perm solution has totally fried your brain! I’m gonna go eat more junk food.”

STACEY: “Whatever, Claud… I’d rather have big hair than a big ass!”
MARY ANNE: “But Stacey, everyone knows that Claudia can eat tons of junk food and always have clear skin and never gain weight!”
STACEY: “Please, it’ll totally catch up to her by ninth grade, if we ever reach ninth grade. Mark my words.”

DAWN: “So do you guys really think Ms. Slade has put a spell on Claudia?”
STACEY: “Totally! I still can’t believe she said that about my hair! I expect it from you, Dawn, ‘cos no offense or anything but you’re kind of a bitch. But not from Claudia!”

Next day…
“Now, now, it’s not nice to spy on your neighbors… oh hey, it’s that weirdo Ms. Slade!”

STACEY: “Oh, noes! It’s Claudia! Ms. Slade has put a spell on her!”
DAWN: “I wonder if you could smoke those herbs?”
STACEY: “That would explain your fashion sense.”

Never fear, Claudia–the BSC is here to lurk in the bushes and save the day!

DAWN: “Oh noes! She’s back! We’re all going to die!”
JESSI: “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted Stacey to distract her!”
EVERYONE: *collective gasp* Claudia???

“Hey, Bobby… I’m glad you fixed your sink! And I’ve got good news–I’m not pregnant!”

“A spell? Ms. Slade’s tutoring me in science, you nimrods. She’s a vet, hence all the animals! Jeez, all y’all are crazier than I am and I’m the one in the brocade vest!”

DAWN: “Claud, we’re crazy, not colorblind.”

The BSC, appropriately humbled, apologize to Ms. Slade and offer reduced pet-sitting rates.

Claudia aces her science test and all is well! She’s also made a new friend who, in typical BSC fashion, is never seen or heard from again.
Oh, and nice scrunchy, Claud.

And that’s a wrap for this screencap recap! Hope you enjoyed!

See you next time for one of my favorites, “Stacey’s Big Break!” Wow, between this and the mother/daughter fashion show on MIOBI, the ANTM jokes are going to be flying thick and heavy around here, huh?

ETA: For all you code gurus, I can’t figure out how to get rid of that extra space at the bottom of every table. I tried everything. Extra junk food from Claudia to anyone who can help!

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