Make It or Break It 1×12 “Follow the Leader” or “Please, Mommy, Make It Stop”

That’s right, kids.  More Make It Or Break It!  Yay!

My thoughts exactly, Payson.

So we open with Emily info-dumping to us via a convo with Chloe that the Rock has been chosen as the national team training center, and today the national team coach will be announced.  I can find so very, very much wrong with these statements.  I know how much you all love it when I get pretentious about real-life gymnastics knowledge, so… *crackles knuckles* 

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Make It or Break It 1×11 “The Eleventh Hour” or “It’s Not Really Eleven Hours Long; it Just Feels Like It”

I’m back, bitches!  I know you are all glad to see me again.  I do apologize for being gone so long.  School is an even bigger bitch than Kelly Parker.  Man, and what a way to welcome me back.  Two new episodes of Make It or Break It, ripe for the snarking!
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