Make It or Break It 1×14 “Are We Having Fun Yet?”: A Tale Told in Macros

I find that the movie Mean Girls is actually an extremely comprehensive guide to life, not just high school.  Its wisdom can really apply to about anything.  In fact, I find I can summarize this entire episode solely in Mean Girls macros.


There’s also some subplot about the Rock’s Open House night.  The adults want the kids to remember that the sport is about having fun and to put on a show that reflects that.  So they all perform routines that look like something you’d see on one of those made-for-TV things like the Skatenastics Spectacular, on like a quarter of the budget.  Oh, and Emily is upset because people are saying OMG MEEN things about her online.  We get it, Ems, you’re a special freakin’ snowflake.  So at the open house, she does this whole monologue about how she learned to do bars on the monkey bars and learned beam routines on a ledge behind her apartment.  Ahh, MIOBI, continuing to advocate safe gymnastics practices.  Creepy Carter is still hiding out in Lauren’s attic trying to figure out where he’s going to stash the bodies, Lauren acts like a creepy stalker, and I’m starting to wonder which of these two the cast of Criminal Minds would have the most fun with.  Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much it.

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4 thoughts on “Make It or Break It 1×14 “Are We Having Fun Yet?”: A Tale Told in Macros

  1. hah that was awesome. Can’t decide which one is funnier, the toaster strudel or the “is weed a carb?”

  2. AMAZING!!! I love it when you tie in a great movie/show with this crap….I personally was hoping for Payson to start smoking weed. Also, the writers at least got something right with having the bloggers hate on Emily-most realistic thing this season so far.

  3. Ha, that was really enjoyable! Great references, it all worked out very neatly and hilariously.

    Also, the CM reference had me giggle-snorting. SO TRUE. Those two are prime candidates for UNSUBS, lol.

  4. Why no more MIOBI recaps? 😦

    I for one am dying for June 10 to get here so I can see more episodes of this ridiculous sho.

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