“You Wanna Be On Top, Stacey?” or BSC TV series #3, “Stacey’s Big Break”

I am not apologizing for any (unintentional, at least initially) double entendres in this post title.

Finally, I get to my favorite BSC video!  You all know Stacey’s my fave BSCer, and modeling was another one of my teenage obsessions (along with gymnastics).  This is probably why I love Nastia so much.  She’s like a collision of two teenage obsessions.  I was actually about to make a post about model-centered books/TV episodes (and now I’m dying to get my hands on some of my nostalgic faves) but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  This episode is definitely among those.  This recap’s taken longer than I’d expected–a lot of distractions this week–so hopefully it lives up to the hype.  Enjoy!

Previously, on the Babysitters’ Club: The BSCers are convinced that the Slade house is haunted and that Mrs. Slade is an evil kitten-sacrificing, Satan-worshipping witch.  When Claudia comes to the old lady’s defense, they’re convinced she’s under the thrall of Wicked Witch Slade.  The BSC make asses of themselves trying to rescue Claudia, and we find out Mrs. Slade’s actually a retired vet who’s tutoring Claudia in science.  The BSC make a new friend, who is never seen or heard from again.

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Babysitter’s Club TV Series 1×02: “Dawn and the Haunted House.”

I’ve been wanting to recap this one for a while, but then Make It or Break It happened, and each week my brain would just be too fried to take on another TV show. But I badly need a break from sparkles and dra-ma and bad gymnastics (I’m sure you do, too), so here we go!

This time, I’m going to try something a little different. I shamelessly filched this idea from The Agony Booth, so credit where it’s due. Presenting…

“Dawn and the Haunted House”–a Screencap Recap!

Previously, on The Babysitter’s Club: Mean Girl Marcie and her sidekicks, the “Brunettes,” plotted to steal that hunka burnin’ phonetic-accented love, Logan Bruno, from devoted girlfriend Mary Anne. Mary Anne was ready to bend over and take it, but the BSC weren’t about to let that happen! So they put their heads together and thwarted the brunettes via some snappy comebacks and a conveniently-placed garden hose. Mary Anne and Logan make up, and all is well in BSCland… but for how long?

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We’ll Always Have NYC or BSC #51, Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend

So I hit up the big annual book sale here and scored a shitload of Sweet Valley (mostly SVU, a few classic SVHs) and BSC. It truly speaks for my mental and financial state that hitting up a used book sale is one of the highlights of my week. Anyway, as you can see from my stamp a few entries back, Stacey was always my fave BSCer. I find it only fitting that the first BSC book to grace this blog is a Stacey book, “Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend.” I have to say how much I love when a book’s title pretty much spoils the whole story. But then, unexpected twists and jaw-dropping surprises were never the draw of the BSC, right? One of its most beloved traits is its predictability, and the fun isn’t in figuring out what happens–it’s seeing how we get there. Frequently via copious descriptions of outfits, hairstyles, kids’ adorable shenanigans, and other details we don’t need to know to follow the story.

Cover art courtesy of the sublime dibbly-fresh.com

First off, let’s snark the cover. This scene actually happens in the book, although Hodgepodge messed up a minor deet, which I’ll explain in the recap.  I am again annoyed by Hodgey’s refusal to depict Stacey’s perm, one of her central character traits.  I know drawing curly hair is a bitch and he probably got sick of it after Laine’s ‘do, which is appropriately fluffy and perm-y and early-90slicious, but is it too much to ask for a Stacey perm?  On a more positive note, I totally love Laine’s stankface here. 

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And now for something completely different

OK, I know I’ve been scarce lately, and I’m sorry.  I’ll try to get the rest of Secret Circle written up as soon as possible.  But I just had to interrupt for this little piece of fabulosity I discovered on the web.

So ABC Family is launching a new show about elite gymnasts called Make it or Break it. I declare this show relevant to this blog’s interests, because while it might not technically be cheesy YA, it shares many elements with this genre, as this post will soon elucidate.  Do I even have to tell you how awesome this show is going to be?  “Awesome” meaning “so deliciously snarkable my fingers are tingling just thinking about it.”  Well, guess what.  I found myself a 10-minute preview clip over at ABC Family, and I just had to do it.  So here it is, all 10 minutes recapped in cheesetacular detail, as well as the teaser trailer beforehand.

It’s me, so I’m cutting this for image-heaviness, mild profanity, and budding alcoholism

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Welcome to Stoneybrook, bitch! or BSC video #1: Mary Anne and the Brunettes

All right, guys.  Let’s call this a compromise.  I’m still doing TV, but at least it’s BSC, right?  (I’m sorry, but no power in this ‘verse will make me watch an entire episode of that Sweet Valley High TV series.  I saw like a 3-minute clip on youtube and it was over for me.  Not to mention that every time I see the Daniels twins I think of skanky Eve on Dawson’s Creek).

I recently obtained all of the episodes (at least that I know of) of the 1990 HBO series, which made me ridiculously excited.  Yeah, I need to get out more, whatever.  I used to watch the shit out of these when I was 12.  To this day I still remember the bad acting, 80slicious fashion, and the most glorious theme song since Degrassi Junior High.  I couldn’t go without recapping this series.  So I figured I’d start from the beginning, with Mary Anne and the Brunettes. This is one of my favorites.  It’s got all the classic teen show staples–bitchiness, boyfriend stealing, and parties!  Sadly, the BSC party will not involve Jello shots, Suck and Blow, or brawls, but it’s still glorious in its own BSC way.  Trust me.

And I’ma cut this, image heavy and all that fun stuff.

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Hail, hail, summer camp

For a while I went through a phase in which I was obsessed with summer camp.  I really, really wanted to go, and my inner eleven-year-old is still gutted that I never had the chance to ride horses, make lanyards, or sing songs around a campfire.  I have no idea why summer camp appealed to me so much, but it might have to do with the YA books I was reading.  I give you my favorite camp books:

(Picture courtesy of dibbly-fresh.com)

You know BSC+camp was like a bookgasm for preteen me. The part I remember most clearly was Mary Anne being nicknamed “the feeb” by Logan’s cabin mates for the cheesy love letter she wrote to him.

Sorry, only picture I could find.  For those of you who don’t feel like squinting and giving yourself eyestrain, it’s Hail, hail, Camp Timberwood by Ellen Conford.  Thirteen-year-old Melanie goes to summer camp, learns to swim, learns to ride a horse, and falls for a dreamy guy.  If that wasn’t a great ad for  camp to eleven-year-old me, I don’t know what was.

Camp Girl Meets Boy by Caroline B. Cooney.  Oh man, this one had everything.  Boy drama, bitchiness, “frenemies”… it was like Gossip Girl in the woods. Good times.

ETA: I forgot about this one.  I got these through Book Week in grade school (remember those?).  This was one of those books I loved even though I didn’t care that much about the main premise (e.g. BSC).  I didn’t really care about the horse stuff but read for the middle school drama.

OK, not a book, but I loved this show.  I wish I could find it on DVD.  Old skool Nick is love.

I even tried writing some stories about camp (not having actually gone did not faze me in the least).  I wrote the first one when I was about ten or eleven, I think.  I never finished it, but it was pretty easy to see where it was going.  The main characters go hiking and get lost in the haunted woods surrounding the camp.  It probably would’ve still been better than Blair Witch.  I wrote the second one when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I think, and by then, I was more interested in boys than ghosts.  The heroine, an awkward and clumsy 13-year-old, goes to camp and falls for a dreamy guy, but the bitchiest girl in the cabin likes him, too.  I should’ve made him a vampire, and I’d have had a hit on my hands.

My final camp story was never actually written, but remember planning it (I was always planning stories but only a small percentage of those actually ended up getting written, and an even smaller percentage of those actually got finished.  This trend has continued into my adulthood).  This was right about when my obsession with gymnastics collided with my obsession with camp, thus forming an even bigger hybrid obsession: gymnastics camp.  Sadly, I will never know what adventures my characters would have at gymnastics camp, but I’m sure they would’ve been memorable.

Oh, and I still don’t know how to swim.  See, if I’d gone to camp, that wouldn’t be a problem now, would it?