Make It or Break It Drinking Game

Since it’s become a running gag through my recaps, I thought it deserved its own page. I will edit as new rules come in. So far:

\~/ if:
-Kaylie and Carter exchange ~significant looks~ across the gym
-Bad or extremely low-level stunt work for gymnasts of this alleged caliber
-”You’re Payson Keeler!”
-Lauren’s hair is in French braids
-Kaylie wears pink
-Payson wears purple
-Lauren wears orange or puke green
-A new Emily love interest appears
-A guy thinks Emily’s the hottest thing since Svetlana Boginskaya’s Bolero routine
-Emily’s Mom hits on an Emily love interest
-Emily’s Mom is wearing something cleavagey
-Parents (barring parent coaches) are on the floor at practice or at meets
-Anvillicious Emily’s Mom-acts-like-a-teen-while-Emily’s-the-grownup moment
-Someone gratuitously name-checks a real-life gymnast, coach, or famous gymnastics-related personality
-A semi-famous gymnast (barring stunt doubles) appears in the background
-Something realistic happens, gymnastics-wise (if I made this rule for lack of realism, we’d all be toasted before we got through the first scene)
-I reference a show or movie I’d rather be watching
-I make a gratuitous mention of hot guys not on this show
-Someone just so happens by coincidence to witness drama going down
-Obvious stunt double is obvious
-Someone trysts at the Chalk Bin of Ill Repute
-Summer meddles
-Emily wears her black GK leo
-Emily wears her cargo pants to practice
-Emily gives a whiny speech about no one understands her/she can only trust herself/blah blah tale of woe
-Creepy unintentional sexual innuendo and/or homoeroticism
-Inspirational speeches. Bonus drink for every cliché employed.

Feel free to suggest your own!


4 thoughts on “Make It or Break It Drinking Game

  1. Just thought of something to add….nationals would have been great for this last set of shows, of course we would have needed our stomachs pumped by the end. I think a drink is necessary for when they say, “012”

  2. So this post is almost three years old, but I still wanted to add my two cents. 🙂

    Anytime Lauren does something bitchy.

    Anytime anyone says “Nationals”.

    Anytime Emily’s Canadian comes out.

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