Welcome to Stoneybrook, bitch! or BSC video #1: Mary Anne and the Brunettes

All right, guys.  Let’s call this a compromise.  I’m still doing TV, but at least it’s BSC, right?  (I’m sorry, but no power in this ‘verse will make me watch an entire episode of that Sweet Valley High TV series.  I saw like a 3-minute clip on youtube and it was over for me.  Not to mention that every time I see the Daniels twins I think of skanky Eve on Dawson’s Creek).

I recently obtained all of the episodes (at least that I know of) of the 1990 HBO series, which made me ridiculously excited.  Yeah, I need to get out more, whatever.  I used to watch the shit out of these when I was 12.  To this day I still remember the bad acting, 80slicious fashion, and the most glorious theme song since Degrassi Junior High.  I couldn’t go without recapping this series.  So I figured I’d start from the beginning, with Mary Anne and the Brunettes. This is one of my favorites.  It’s got all the classic teen show staples–bitchiness, boyfriend stealing, and parties!  Sadly, the BSC party will not involve Jello shots, Suck and Blow, or brawls, but it’s still glorious in its own BSC way.  Trust me.

And I’ma cut this, image heavy and all that fun stuff.

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The only thing I enjoy more than dancers who can’t act is gymnasts who can’t act or Touched By an Angel 3×29, “A Delicate Balance”

All right, so I was really going to try and get a Sweet Valley book recapped, but I got distracted by the awesomeness that is Touched By An Angel 3×29, “A Delicate Balance.”  After writing my last blog entry I got inspired to track it down, and I wasn’t disappointed.  SVH fans, take heart–this show (or at least this episode) is really Sweet Valleyish, with a bit of Center Stage thrown in.  Meaning it’s awesome.

I’m recapping this Agony Booth-style, which means it’ll be long and slightly image-heavy, so I’ma cut this for those of you on dialup.

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